DBTG who… doesn’t close the door in the toilet


I can only assume this is a male thing, as I have zero experience in ladies’ toilets.


You don’t need (or want, I assume) to know too many details here, but every day, normally more than once, I find myself needing a sit-down moment while at work.  I spend most of my work day sat at a desk, but this sitting down is… not at a desk.  I hope we’re all on the same page here.

It is an unusual, though sadly not that unusual occurrence for me to walk into a cubicle, belt half-undone and already loading up “words with friends” on my phone, only to find that there is already a person in the cubicle. Mercifully, they have always been standing with their back to the entrance, but they know I’m there, and there’s no easy way out (apart from silently backing away, which i physically easy enough, but emotionally quite harrowing).  A state of egress is an extremely private one, and gentlemen do not wish to share it with anyone, particularly not at close quarters. 

I really don’t get understand your decision process that leads me to this situation. Why not just close the door anyway?  That is, after all, the best way to stop this from happening.  When I go to the bathroom, I’m normally in something of a rush, and I’m not interested in proceeding with caution.  If the door is open, the toilet appears vacant and I’m going in.  It is entirely your responsibility to warn me ahead of time. 

As adults can we please take a piss with the door closed?  Last week I wandered in on my boss in this situation.  I told him to close the “fucking door” next time, but he still acted like it was my fault.  I probably shouldn’t swear at my boss, but sometimes I think it is fully justified, like right now. 


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